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Talk Against Violence
Unicef Ukraine




Unicef Ukraine


November, 2018


Educative, public interest, NGO

Psychological abuse, which is often seen as a normal part of familial dynamics, is frequently overlooked as a form of violence. In Ukraine, initiatives to prevent violence typically focus on victims of physical harm, with less attention given to addressing the behavior of perpetrators. The challenge lies in raising awareness about the insidious nature of psychological abuse, which can go unnoticed and unrecognized by its victims. A sort of invisible violence that a large portion of Ukrainians tend to tolerate bringing more complications. People may inadvertently perpetuate or incite violence by ignoring or resisting it. Rather than resisting, our approach is to speak out against violence.

To start, we created a campaign logo and identity, along with a web portal that offers guidance on preventing violence and handling abusers, addressing frequently asked questions. We further conducted a neurobiological experiment that revealed the genuine emotional responses of individuals exposed to psychological abuse. Our outreach efforts included enlisting YouTube influencers and broadcasting a TV series featuring personal accounts of domestic violence and strategies for combatting it. Additionally, we collaborated with Halychyna milk to feature advice on their product labels, resulting in the sale of approximately one million bottles within a three-month period.

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