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Social media awareness activation


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Social media, awareness campaign, digital activation

"Between 70% and 80% of young male adults aged 20 to 35 with kids play video games at least four times per week, constituting a significant portion of their time. This diminishes the opportunity for other activities, including quality time spent with their children. We understand that the quality time invested by fathers in their children's lives can substantially contribute to the development of various soft skills. To address this, we have decided to offer a solution: special food capable of magically fostering soft skills in their kids! No stress, no effort required.

Given the current marketing landscape, where parents are already targeted by various kid food brands, we aim to be perceived as another brand in this space. A range of products purported to develop soft skills is available for purchase. Unfortunately, soft skills cannot be bought; they are inherently developed through experiences, interactions, and personal growth. This information, along with other details, is accessible on a website when fathers tap 'Buy Now' on their Instagram feed." We utilised junk food packs to garner more attention.

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