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Samsung SpaceMax
More space than you can imagine


Cheil Worldwide Ukraine




June, 2017


TV commercial and digital

The brief from Samsung was straightforward: communicate that the SpaceMax refrigerator has an impressive amount of storage space. Ukrainians are very sentimental and this is the reason why we create a TVC emotional and delicate, pretty unusual for a fridge ad. People like modern technology but mostly live in a traditional way, where family is important and people treat each other with kindness and love. Similarly, they raise their children with the same values. We wanted to craft a story that showcases these qualities through a son's love towards his parents.

Our aim was to evoke profound emotions in our audience and take them on an engaging journey with our story. The tagline "More space than you can imagine" and depicts a young boy eagerly anticipating his father's return from a job at a polar station. After a month-long wait, the father finally comes home to discover his son's imaginative creation inside the refrigerator. The scene features paper animals, machines, and even a paper replica of himself, with a heartwarming message that reads "Welcome home!" integrated into the scene.

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