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Wissam Breidy - Feel the Force


C2 Comms Dubai




September, 2022


Brand awarness, digital

Two heroes, one single-minded message. We created a series of bite-sized digital videos that blend the power, style, and boldness of the Maserati Levante with the charisma of Wissam Breidy. Born from the grand touring tradition, the Maserati Levante is an amalgamation of grit and glamour, which is why a celebrity such as Wissam Breidy is the perfect match. The challenge that lay before us was to balance the charisma of these icons while still conveying an engaging and entertaining message to Maserati enthusiasts.

After several brainstorms, coffee breaks, and meetings, we crafted three bold and snappy digital videos that successfully communicated the spirit of the Levante. Exploring the three brand values of innovation, design, and unrivalled driving, we weaved three unique stories that resonated with Wissam's charm. Aptly named 'Feel the Force', the videos explored the Maserati Levante's influence on Wissam. It conveyed the message that, over time, man and machine eventually become one. Wissam Breidy's social media pages have been updated with the videos.

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