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Reading is fun with McDonald's Happy Meal

In January 2019, McDonald’s started a program in Ukraine called Happy Meal Readers. This program lets families choose books along with toys in a Happy Meal. The reason for this is that many Ukrainian parents do not read to their children, and many Ukrainian adults do not read books at all. We decided to change this by making reading fun for everyone. We created a story about a family that travels back in time to study dinosaurs, based on the Cressida Cowell's books. We invited the most popular Ukrainian singer and father of two, Monatik, to be the face of the campaign.

Campaign got over 8,000,000 impressions, over 7,000,000 impressions in earned media, +20% in sales of books in Happy Meal during the first week.


Be–it Agency


McDonald's Ukraine


January 2019


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