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The Power of Move
EPPCO Lubricants


C2 Comms Dubai


EPPCO Lubricants


June, 2022


Digital and social media

We understand that promoting oil lubricants on social media can be a challenging journey, but we've made it a seamless experience. By combining the power of art and language, we've given EPPCO Lubricants a fresh brand identity that stands out as the trusted expert in lubricants in the UAE. Previously, despite EPPCO Lubricants' extensive network and expertise, the brand lacked a clear identity. While the brand's vision was to be dependable, the message was not consistent. Our challenge was to create a concept that could cut through the noise of a saturated market and connect with customers beyond the technical jargon, while still highlighting the brand's expertise.

Through the concept of 'The Power of Move,' we transformed the brand and captivated audiences. We strategically revitalized every aspect of EPPCO Lubricants, from the visuals to the messaging, ensuring that each element aligned with the brand's ever-growing product portfolio. With careful planning and strategy, we created a harmonious blend of art and expertise, elevating EPPCO Lubricants' brand identity to new heights. We also kept a consistent color palette, font, and design elements for all our posts. This helps to create a cohesive and recognizable brand image on EPPCO Lubricant Instagram page. High-quality visuals to capture the energy and excitement of the motion.

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